LAGOS FORKLIFTS provides products and services in the forklift field. Just 29 kilometers from the center of Athens, in an owned area of 4.500m², the company operates its warehouses of spare parts, units of service departments, showroom, as well as main offices.

The company operates from 1982, and until today continues to have an excellent corporation with various firms in the Greek market.

LAGOS FORKLIFTS imports from Japan brand new, as well as, used forklifts in increased quantities for satisfying market’s high needs.

Knowing the significance of supporting the machineries, the company has completed successfully the challenge of having one of the most fulfilled and burst warehouses in spare parts. Therefore, today the company has under its operation modern and up-to date service units.

In the field of technical support, LAGOS FORKLIFTS emphasis in the standardization of audit and maintenance tasks in order to minimize any possible human error.

After 25 years of operation, the company’s human resources have acquired the proportional experience in repairing engines, transmission systems, hydraulics, breaks, and steering axle, as well as, in any task of tracking and repairing motor troubles.

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